Women’s Premier League hitting the right spot in Solomon Islands

Frigates United celebrate scoring. Credit: Fali/Lokol Photography
Frigates United celebrate scoring. Credit: Fali/Lokol Photography

The initial buzz hasn’t died down two match days into the competition proving the inaugural Solrais Women’s Premier League is finally whetting the appetite for competitive women’s football in the Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands Football Federation Women’s Football Development Officer Antoinette Miniti has been really impressed with how the wider community has gotten behind the league.

“Everyone who came was pleased with the setup and general co-ordination on the opening match day, so I’m really pleased to hear that,” Miniti said.

Haura FC vs. Frigates United. Credit: Fali/Lokol Photography

“There’s a lot of positivity around this league and also the opportunity that this competition has in terms of promotion through the media with the idea of showcasing it and gathering interest and support for the women’s game.

“I can go on and on about the positives from day one, but it was a very well organised start overall.”

Solright FC vs. Renbel Ibis. Credit: Fali/Lokol Photography

The eight participating teams play their matches at DC Park in Honiara where the matches are starting to draw a crowd of supporters.

Crystal Bakolo is a player/coach for Koloale, the pre-season tournament winners, and as an experienced international striker is delighted to finally have a domestic outlet for development.

“It’s the first time women’s football has had support from a large company like Solrais, and it is going to be a big help as we prepare players for the 2023 Pacific Games which will be held here in the country.

RSIPF vs. Koloala. Credit: Fali/Lokol Photography

“The first game is always the toughest because you never know how the other teams will play, but it’s important we stick to our game plan instead of playing according to theirs.”

The approach appears to be paying off for Koloale who earned an opening 2-0 victory over Frigates United, before going down 3-2 in a spirited match against RSIPF in their second match at the weekend.

The competition has proven especially exciting as it teams some of the region’s more experienced senior players with some of the new faces hoping to earn their place in the national team ahead of the 2023 Pacific Games.


Round One
Koloale 2-0 Frigates United
RSIPF 3-0 Marist
Naha 3-0 Solrite FC
Renbel Ibis 5-1 Haura FC

Round Two
Marist 0-4 Naha
Haura FC 0-8 Frigates United
Solright FC 0-2 Renbel Ibis
RSIPF 3-2 Koloale

Round Three Fixtures (all matches at DC Park)

14h00 : Solright FC vs. Koloale FC
16h00: Naha FC vs. Haura FC

14h00: RSIPF vs. Frigates United
16h00: Marist vs. Renbel Ibis

Renbel Ibis 6pts
RSIPF 6pts
Frigates United 3pts
Naha FC 3pts
Solright FC 0pts
Marist FC 0pts
Haura FC 0pts

Additional reporting: Solomon Islands Football Federation

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