Erakor & Galaxy ready for Super Cup showdown


Earlier this year they won gold together representing Port Vila in the Vanuatu National League, but tomorrow the same girls will be going up against each other representing their clubs, Erakor Golden Star and Galaxy FC in the final of the Port Vila Football Association Women’s Super Cup final.

It’s sure to be a thrilling showdown with both sides undefeated in the competition, though the edge lies with Erakor Golden Star who have proven themselves incredibly adept in front of goal, scoring 66 goals in three games.

Club president Josiah Russell said the squad will also have the full backing of Erakor village to help keep them motivated.

“The village, to be honest, we’re all proud of the results that have been provided in the past few weeks of the competition,” Russell said.

“We’ve scored 66 goals in three games which is quite outstanding for a club in such a league. Not just myself and my executive, but the village as a whole is impressed with the tremendous effort they’ve put in and the results they’ve achieved, especially going into the final tomorrow.”

While results so far have been extremely positive for Erakor Golden Star, Russell said it’s important to remember no-one goes into a final unprepared.

“It’s a grand final, everybody is prepared and everybody wants to win. We’ve played Galaxy in the past, probably about a month ago, and they’ve got a good team as well. They’ll be tough, they’ll be doing their best to win, but I’m pretty sure our girls will win tomorrow.”

Erakor may have a goal-scoring edge, but Galaxy can’t be ruled out. They’re in good hands under the guidance of former national team coach Moise Poida and, like their fellow finalists, are yet to lose a match.

Galaxy team manager Jill Bule is looking forward to a strong showing from her side in what she predicts will be a good match up.

“It’s going to be a good match and a tough game to defeat them. Both teams have trained well, they’re both undefeated going into the final, so it’s going to be a tough game, but a very good game too,” Bule said.

“I’m happy that we have come this far and the girls have prepared not only with my support, but the Galaxy management as well. I’m satisfied with how management are looking after the team and getting the girls prepared for the Super Cup.”

The final of the 2021 PVFA Super Cup will be played at Korman Stadium in Port Vil at 3pm. The final will be preceded by the third place play-off between Ifira Black Bird and PSS at 1pm.

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