About Us

Growing up in small town New Zealand, I didn’t even know women’s football or girl’s only teams were a possibility until I hit high school. Although my own football career only went as playing in New Zealand’s national women’s championship, my claim to fame will always be beating a future Football Ferns (Amber Hearn & Kirsty Yallop!) stacked Avondale College in the Secondary School Nationals.

While the playing days have long since passed, I have remained a regular at football fields and stadiums across the Pacific.

During my time with the Oceania Football Confederation, I saw first hand the challenges of being a woman in football within the Pacific. And yet, despite the struggles, there are so many women working hard every day to provide the opportunities for the women of today, and the young girls of tomorrow.

The future looks bright for women’s football in the Pacific and I hope this platform goes some way to recognising the work of these spectacular women.

Forever in football,

Jax 🌺⚽️

Founder // Pasifika Sisters

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